About this site, and about me...

My names Sarah Hunting and I set up this site for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I used to be a self confessed serial dater and secondly, I’m practicing my web development skills because this is one area I’d like to get into. I thought about writing a blog on a blogging site but owning my own domain and having a physical website of my own seemed far more appealing. I just hope lots of people visit my site so that I can get a bit more confidence in my web development skills. At the moment, I haven’t got a feedback area but I’m working on this because I’d like to hear back from readers about what they think of my site and any online dating stories they may have.

So why was I a serial dater I hear you ask? :o) In a nutshell, I like the fact that you can meet someone without even making much of an effort. I’m not lazy, I just like the idea that you can literally arrange two or three dates in one night. Going out and doing this would be very difficult because you’d end up spending most of your time chatting and getting to know just the one guy. But online dating isn’t easy either. You have to make an effort and that’s one reason why I think a lot of people give up on it. I can’t understand why though because it’s far more of an effort to meet someone offline.

For those who are interested, I’m 32 years old but I’m not single any more I’m afraid :o) Incidentally, I met my boyfriend on a free dating site early this year and I’m quite happy and settled now. He moved to the UK from the US for work reasons and I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to meet him and fall in love. I never would have thought I’d have met someone from around the world, let alone spend the rest of my life with them.

I have kept my profile on some of the free dating sites so I'd be interested to hear from people particularly if you have an interesting story to share that I could use on this site. I have kept my profile active on one particular free dating site so if you have something to share with me, you can message me there. I will need to approve contact with you first - this prevents me getting lots of spam messages and messages that I don't really want to read. See me on my favourite dating site as 'sexysarah'!