5 of the best free dating sites on the internet

I had to think really hard about the content of this page and I have selected the best free dating sites that I know of and have used. There are obviously a lot more, but in my opinion, those in the list below are definitely good ones to start with. I have had a profile on all of them and I’ve found them all generally good sites. Because they're free, you can sign up with all them with nothing to lose.

Plenty of fish

The boss of all free dating sites. This has to be one of the biggest free dating sites on the internet. They have millions of members around the world and they are genuinely free. But recently, they have started to introduce more paid features and they are encouraging people to pay for their services, so I was debating whether or not to include them in my list.


  • Huge member database (probably the biggest)
  • Most of the site is free to join and use
  • A well established site with a great reputation


  • Un-inspiring site design that hasn’t seemed to have changed much over the years


A lovely and simple to use free dating site with no frills. They have made some huge improvements over the year and it appears to have grown considerably since I used it last. It has a very simple flow through and a nice search system. This one is one of my favourites.

  • Great new site design and layout
  • Completely free to join and use
  • Quick and easy sign up
  • Good mix of people - all ages (over 20's, 30's and 40's)

  • Photos are checked before being published
  • Lots of anti-spamming captcha’s everywhere


This site has changed name and possibly ownership at least once over the past couple of years. They have an App which is far better than the site itself which is often slow at times. They have a lot of members though and worth checking out.

  • Great app for mobile
  • Lots of games to play
  • Appears to have lots of spammers and fake profiles
  • Site is difficult to navigate through


A straight forward and straight to the point free dating site. Not the best or easiest of sites to use but does have some useful features.


  • Easy to use


  • Privacy practices are debatable
  • Not a lot of members at the moment


It took me a while to find this site, but I when I did, I was quite impressed with how many guys they had around my area. Signing up with them was quick and easy.

  • Lots of members (in the UK at least)
  • Quick and easy sign up
  • Excellent IM system


  • Too many promotional emails and no way to control them
  • Site never worked well on small laptops or mobile devices